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How to choose a diamond ring
Of all possible diamond jewelery, rings are perhaps the most popular. Virtually any jewelry store can present dozens of models of rings with stones of various sizes and shapes to…

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Wedding rings 2018 - for fashionable brides and grooms
The Chinese horoscope promises lovers, who played the wedding in 2018, many heartfelt and happy family evenings. The dog is a loyal and devoted animal, and the union made under…

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How to choose the right ring size?
The ring is not just a stylish accessory, but a thing that determines the comfort of everyday activities. For example, rings with massive inserts can interfere with typing on the…

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Sensation: faceted pearls – a dream that has become a reality

It is believed that natural pearls are beautiful in themselves and do not need additional decoration. Until recently, it was generally thought that it could not be cut. It turned out that this was not the case at all!

When cut diamonds, emeralds, rubies and other precious stones ceased to amaze jewelry lovers, the craftsmen took up other materials. Experiments have become on nothing else, like on pearls. Continue reading

Black Diamonds Wedding Rings: 5 Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Jewelry

Wedding rings are decorations that are chosen for life, so they should be special. Traditionally, many newlyweds buy products with white diamonds, but this year the fashion for wedding rings has changed dramatically, and some designers have offered very bold options. Instead of transparent gems, black diamonds flaunt the jewelry. Such rings look very unusual and spectacular! Continue reading

10 amazing jewels that amaze with their beauty

Diamond tints, the brilliance of sapphires and emeralds, the delicate beauty of pearls – all this has attracted people from time immemorial. From year to year, jewelry designers hone their skills with great excitement, and rush to surprise with their talents. I want to admire their works without taking my eyes off. It is a review of such jewelry, we have prepared today!

Cuff bracelets have gained unprecedented popularity in the past few years, and the famous Swiss brand Piaget has not passed by this trend. Continue reading

Shining Opal: 10 amazing facts about the most beautiful precious mineral

A lot of legends and superstitions were laid about this stone, they were afraid and searched for magical powers in it. The Bedouins believed that lightning was enclosed in it, and the Romans considered the most beautiful of all precious stones. What is really opal? Why does he attract people so much and what secrets does he hide?

Opals appeared about 70 million years ago in the area of ​​modern Australia. It was then that the Earth experienced the strongest rainfall, given the fact that before that there was a terrible drought, then there were many cracks on the ground. Continue reading

How not to overdo it with decorations and not turn into a sparkling “magpie”

Jewelry – from the word “decorate.” However, surely everyone will remember among acquaintances such a woman (aunt, colleague, neighbor, friend) who regularly puts on a lot of incompatible jewelry. In this article we will discuss the most common mistakes of women who want to become more beautiful with the help of jewelry and bijoux. Continue reading

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7 stylish jewelery, from which realism is breathtaking
Some jewelry makes it so realistic that they are hardly distinguishable from real birds, plants and insects. It seems that a little more and the butterfly will flutter, the rose…


Brief history of diamonds
The main decoration of a luxurious wedding ring, before becoming the subject of enthusiasm and admiration, passes a long and complex path from a diamond crystal to a diamond -…


Unexpected truth about wedding rings :-)
“You made me the happiest man in the world.” Svetulya, will you marry me? - the young man got on one knee and handed a wedding ring with a diamond…


Lock the bracelet
Before purchasing a gold bracelet, you must carefully examine it. Smooth surfaces should be absolutely smooth, without scratches and burrs, openwork design - perfect, stone - firmly fixed in the…