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Gold chain: TOP-4 life hacking, how to choose "your"
Gold chains are a favorite among jewelery, both for men and women. They have no age restrictions, look equally impressive on people of any gender, age and social status, differ…

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Precious Metal Fake - How to Learn to Recognize the Authenticity of Jewelry
Every year, the jewelers' guild presents to the public not the most optimistic statistics - almost half (about 40%) of the jewelry on the market are of poor quality or…

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Clips - earrings for everyone
Clips are the same stylish and effective jewelry for the ears, like ordinary earrings, but clips appeared much later, only in the XX century. Their authorship belongs to the great…

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Typical faceting defects on a diamond’s surface

Cutting is the most laborious and crucial stage of the operation to turn a diamond into a diamond. The diamond cutter is faced with the difficult task of finding a compromise between the size of a crystal and the quality of its faceting. The purpose of the master is to find a form that would allow him to keep as much as possible the volume of the stone and ensure the flawlessness of all its faces.

When cutting, most diamonds lose up to 50% or more of their initial weight. The end result depends on the experience of the cutter and the technology used by him in working the stone. Continue reading

Lock the bracelet

Before purchasing a gold bracelet, you must carefully examine it. Smooth surfaces should be absolutely smooth, without scratches and burrs, openwork design – perfect, stone – firmly fixed in the frame.

Special attention should be paid to the castle. Check whether you can open and close it yourself, whether it fixes the decoration firmly, whether it is unbuttoned without your participation. Each fastener has its own features, which you should be aware of before purchasing a bracelet. Jewelry of the appropriate quality could not be returned to the store, so if the lock turns out to be inconvenient while wearing, the impression of a long-awaited purchase may be ruined. Continue reading

Ring with pomegranate: a symbol of love, amulet and healer

Golden ring with pomegranate – a classic jewelry. Noble gems are familiar to mankind for about five thousand years, and all this time they are actively used to create jewelry. They can be found in ancient Egyptian and Roman rings and medallions, in medieval Slavic pendants, in European products of the end of the XIX century.

Pomegranates are of magmatic origin, and can be both transparent and opaque. The main deposits are located in the Czech Republic, East and South Africa, Italy, and Yakutia. In addition to jewelry, these stones are widely used in technology as semiconductors. Continue reading

Ring Magic with Opal

For mystical color play of opals is called one of the most impressive gemstones. Bright rainbow opals invariably attract attention, so they are often used for inlaying evening decorations. With the growing popularity of large cocktail rings in Ukraine, cabochon opals have become even more in demand.

Opals for rings for every taste
There are many opals with different physical and visual characteristics: fiery, the most valuable are black, the most durable are boulder opals, almost colorless are girazzi, mosaic are harlequins, pearl are cacholongs, apple-green chrysopals and even more than 120 varieties. Continue reading

Daily diamond earrings

Diamond earrings are one of the most desirable jewelry for every woman, even the one that is generally indifferent to expensive accessories. Luxurious jewelry is an integral part of the evening look. You probably heard from the stylists a strong recommendation prohibiting wearing diamond jewelry until five in the evening. It is based on the fact that stones fully reveal their beauty and the play of light only under artificial light. But if you consider how much time modern women spend at work, where lamps are lit almost from morning to evening, there is a reason to buy diamond earrings suitable for everyday wear. Continue reading

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Fashion Bracelets
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