gold jewelry

Lock the bracelet
Before purchasing a gold bracelet, you must carefully examine it. Smooth surfaces should be absolutely smooth, without scratches and burrs, openwork design - perfect, stone - firmly fixed in the…

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Signet or ring
For a very long time, men were deprived of the attention of jewelers. All because of it - Soviet stereotypes, saying that men are allowed to wear only wedding rings.…

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How to buy a gold chain of suitable length
Cervical decoration can highlight the merits of your appearance or emphasize drawbacks. Do you want to get the first result and avoid the second? Look in the mirror - you…

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Wide gold chains: what to buy and what to wear?

Large, eye-catching neck ornaments for several seasons occupy the top lines of fashionable charts. The most common accessories are wide chains, whose formula for success consists of several components: practicality, versatility and accessibility. In any jewelry store in Ukraine, you can buy a gold chain of classic or fancy weaving, which does not need an expensive pendant to look truly impressive. The Jewelry Card Shop offers high-quality gold items with durable fasteners designed for increased jewelry weight.

Attention to weaving
Jewelers create wide chains of various modifications. Even the simplest decoration of anchor weaving, in which the links are successively attached to each other, can be quite massive. Continue reading

Ring with sapphire for engagement – back to basics

Blue stones are back in fashion. A new generation of designers is stepping forward and creating original engagement rings with sapphires. Every news about the award of such a famous ring – Victoria Beckham, Elizabeth Hurley, Penelope Cruz – again and again puts the sapphire in the spotlight.

Fashion always comes back
Men who are going to make a proposal to their second half, are increasingly looking for unique gold rings and find – rings with sapphires. Many will be surprised, but diamonds monopolized the market only after the middle of the last century as a result of an active advertising campaign by DeBeers. Before her, etiquette provided for the engagement of the ring with a colored gem. Continue reading

How to buy a gold chain of suitable length

Cervical decoration can highlight the merits of your appearance or emphasize drawbacks. Do you want to get the first result and avoid the second? Look in the mirror – you will see the features of your face, neck and body that will help determine the optimal length of the chain, necklace or necklace.

Say no to worthless purchases
If you had to choose from your jewelry collection right now, would you find a necklace that you rarely wear or not wear at all? Let’s think about why you have wasted money buying a gold chain. Continue reading

4 rules for selecting men’s gold crosses

Gold pendant in the form of a cross is one of the most popular jewelry for men. Its form is a reflection of the very essence of Christianity. Moreover, it became a standard symbol used to represent and identify followers of the Christian faith in the IV century, and since then has not changed either its purpose or its meaning.

For hundreds of years, both men and women carry a cross as proof of their devotion to Jesus Christ and all that he taught: love, justice, patience and mercy. Not surprisingly, the shape and essence of this symbol inspire jewelry designers around the world. Continue reading

Should wedding rings be the same?

Absolutely the same, complementary or completely different – what should be the rings for the bride and groom?

When you put gold rims on each ring, symbolizing the infinity of love, you take part in a ritual that has been connecting the lives of a man and a woman for more than one thousand years. Wedding traditions in different countries can vary greatly from each other, one thing remains unchanged – the exchange of wedding rings.

Traditionally, the couple chooses identical decorations to show that from now on the newlyweds are a single whole, that they value traditions and want to be part of each other. Continue reading

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