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Fashion Bracelets

2017 was the year of fancy and bold accessories. However, with the onset of winter, the fashion for bulky gold jewelry begins to fade, and not only because it is inconvenient to wear massive bracelets under warm clothing. Owners of Western jewelry brands say that in the fall they noticed a tendency to simplify jewelry.

The main driving force behind these changes is the generation of millennials – the most active consumers today. These are people born in the period 1983–2003. They are accustomed to new experiences and crave them, which is why trends follow each other so quickly.

They are tired of wearing large jewelery and, without thinking, they change them to something more simple and elegant. What bracelets will be fashionable in 2018?

Bracelets from the autumn fashion week in Paris
At the most prestigious event of the fashion industry, special attention was focused on details. In many collections, it was the bracelets that became the main accent of the images.

Favorite 2018 – pearls in all its diversity. Chanel follows this trend, offering customers single and multi-layered pearl bracelets. The minimalistic classic design subtly emphasizes the restraint of the dresses.

The fantasy of Gucci designers creatively rethought bracelets, creating something special from them. Elegant bracelets made of yellow gold, connected with chains at once with three rings on the hand, are complemented by a pendant with pearls. Do not like the sound of metal? You might be impressed by a black leather bracelet with golden bees integrated into it. A leather bracelet, only with acute white metal rivets, was also shown in the Junya Watanabe collection.

Ralph Lauren preferred ethnic motives: coarsely crafted discs on a gold chain, whose links seemed to be bent by hand. Giambattista Valli chose naturalism, even closer to antiquity. In addition to pearls, his bracelets were decorated with raw gray and brown ornamental stones.

Michael Kors, on the contrary, presented sculptural bracelets of a futuristic look. The original shape, forcing the eye to follow the curving lines, and a fascinating gloss of gold – and all this right on top of the glove.

General fashion trends for bracelets in 2018
In 2018, the bracelet becomes an integral part of women’s wardrobe. Forgetting it at home is now the same thing as forgetting a handbag, so you can already begin to develop a new habit. Trends are so diverse that any woman will find their decoration.


There are three options to choose from: bracelets consisting entirely of pearl beads, bracelets with pearl inserts and bracelets with pearl charm (pendant). Pearls can be both traditionally round and baroque.

Baroque pearls are distinguished by an irregular shape of pearls. For several decades it was considered unsuitable for the manufacture of jewelry, whereas now its products are worth nothing less than from perfectly spherical pearls.

Do not be afraid that these jewelry will quickly go out of fashion. First, now they are only at the very beginning of their takeoff. And secondly, gold bracelets with pearl inserts are a real jewelry classic that becomes fashionable, sometimes vintage, but never outdated.

Pure forms

The simplest model is a hard ring bracelet. Plain gold with a perfectly treated surface, no extra decor. If you wear flexible bracelets, choose models with simple links or geometrically accurate gliders.

The main figures in the bracelets of 2018: square, triangle and circle. Ornaments collected from elongated links of the original sculptural form will do. If you like a strict style, then choose transparent colorless stones – cubic zirconias or diamonds, or colored stones of the same color. Different colors of stones will dilute the severity and minimalism and give the bracelet a democratic and some playful frivolity.

Oriental bracelets

They are also called bracelets “Zhadi” on behalf of the heroine of the popular TV series “Clone.” Oriental beauty wore bracelets, combined with a chain with a ring. Jewelry looks very feminine and romantic. In addition, they visually narrow the wrist, making it more fragile.

Here you can give free rein to color. Choose gold bracelets with colored inserts: amethysts, tourmalines, topazes, garnets. They will paint winter dullness, and in summer they will perfectly complement a bright summer dress or tunic.

The combination of metal and leather

Judging by the presented designer collections, leather bracelets with gold inserts will not yet one season to excite the minds of fashionistas. Such jewelry is more affordable as compared to jewelry made entirely of metal. Therefore, you can either reduce the cost of the purchase, or buy a more impressive bracelet within the same budget.

Jewelers combine gold and leather in the most incredible combinations. For lovers of layering masters create bracelets in which gold beads of different shapes are strung on a dozen leather braids.

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