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How romantic to give a ring to a man

For men, romance is as important in relationships as it is for women. In the candy and bouquet period, it is customary to exchange cute surprises in the hope of pleasing your soul mate. But as soon as the relationship moves to a new level of intimacy, gifts become more serious, especially when it comes to birthday.

Give a ring to a man – you can!
It is considered that a man should give a gold ring. Breaking the traditions and breaking the rules, you get the main advantage – the effect of surprise, and it is half the success of any gift.

Before you decide to buy a ring for your beloved in honor of his birthday, make sure that the surprise will be pleasant.

If your young man basically does not wear any accessories, choose something else for him – the ring will still be gathering dust in the box. But the main purpose of the decoration is a constant reminder of your love.
Gold bracelet, metal watch and cufflinks are the nearest “neighbors” of the ring. They must match with him in color and style.
Remember what a man is interested in. Yaromu fan will like a ring with the emblem of his favorite team engraved on it. A biker will appreciate the powerful ring in white gold with a black insert.
Try to find out the exact size of the ring. There are two options to measure the circumference of a finger and not to direct a man to suspicion.

The first is to act while he is sleeping: take an inelastic thread, wrap it around a finger, and divide the resulting length by 3.14. The figure needs to be rounded up – this will be the size.

The larger the fingers, the more massive the ring can be. Do you like wide models with the height of the back of more than 8 mm? Choose an ornament that is 0.5 mm larger than the standard size. It will be easy to pass in the joint and sit comfortably on the phalanx.

The second – during a party with friends to conduct a fun study and measure the fingers of all those present. Think up the topic yourself, for example: “Who has the fattest fingers, he goes to wash the dishes”. Remember the number your boyfriend will call and do the calculations later.

How beautiful to give a ring at home
A man may not particularly think about how to give a ring to his girlfriend. It is enough for him to invite her to a romantic dinner and at the right moment to open a velvet box, in which a diamond jewel will sparkle – surprise, delight and undisguised happiness on her face are guaranteed.

For the ladies we offer other ways – more complex in the embodiment, but no less romantic. If you are celebrating a holiday at home, try:

Make a man dream of adventure. Put the ring in a small chest and hide it in a secluded place in the apartment. Draw a “treasure map” where the bathroom will become a lake, the bedroom a cave, and the kitchen a tropical garden. You can pre-age the paper with the help of welding. A leaf after dipping into a tea solution will acquire a noble color and become similar to real parchment. Mark the location of the treasure with a cross and hand the card to the man. You will see with what passion he will be looking for a gift!
Arrange a romantic breakfast. Prepare your favorite dishes and beautifully serve a table. White napkins roll into a tube and secure with a ring. Just do not hide the decoration inside the croissant or sandwich – in the morning a hungry and still sleepy man can simply swallow the ring along with a delicious meal.
How interesting to hand a ring if you are not a homebody
Do you want to stay at home on a holiday? Go on a trip, a restaurant or a movie – you can give a gift in any original way in any situation. Here are some more ideas.

Quest for the ring. Quests in Ukraine is a very popular entertainment. For 2016 in Kiev, there were already more than 250 rooms with various subjects. Almost all major cities have their escape-locations. If you are planning to complete the quest, arrange with the organizers in advance – let them hide the box with the ring so that it becomes a prize for the last task completed.
Walk on the beach. If you happen to celebrate a birthday at the resort, go to the sea. Before that, buy a shell in a souvenir shop and place a gold ring in it. While your boyfriend is tanning or swimming, hide an unusual case in the sand or in the rocks, and then draw his attention to the beautiful sink.
Romantic trip. The case with the ring can be placed in the car. You will not have to look for a gift for a long time if you hang it instead of the usual fragrance on the rear-view mirror or fix it with a double-sided tape directly on the dashboard.
The box under the men’s ring should be more strict in form than under the women’s one. The burgundy, dark blue and black cases look spectacular: velvet or leather. The quality of the packaging should be perfect – it is she who creates the first impression of the gift.

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