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Jewelry for women from 50: secrets for a stylish lady

A woman in 50 years is confident, self-sufficient and knows perfectly well what suits her. But she chooses jewelry depending on the psychological acceptance or rejection of the new age.

Some ladies, having decided that youth has been left behind, cease to buy jewelry and are content with those earrings, rings and bracelets that were bought 10–20 years ago. Others, on the contrary, cannot come to terms with the fleeing years and choose jewelry that is more suitable for young girls. You will avoid the one and the other extreme, if you use the advice of a professional stylist.

10 recommendations for jewelry from Amanda Sanders
Who is this Amanda Sanders to listen to her? She is a senior stylist at She is engaged in consulting on image and style, works with such celebrities as Gwyneth Paltrow and Wanda Sykes. Amanda argues that “… in 50 years, it is important to choose not only wardrobe, but also jewelry. Suitable jewelry will add sophistication and help throw off a few years. ”

1. Jewelery on a fifty-year-old woman looks cheap, so just look at the jewelry of the average price segment of 585 gold. The best inserts: cubic zirconias, topaz, zircons, tourmalines and other semi-precious stones.

2. “Reprogram” the jewelry box. Few people manage to keep the same figure by the age of 50, which was in 20 and 30 years. With age, not only the body changes, but also the face. It can become softer, rounded or, conversely, thinner and elongated. Nose due to nasolabial folds appears larger. Choose jewelry so that their size and shape is in harmony with your new parameters.

3. Do not overdo it with jewelry. If you are wearing a bold thing, put on only one piece of jewelry to emphasize an unusual choice. The jumble of accessories looks tasteless and adds age.

4. Do not run after fashion. There is nothing wrong with wearing classic jewelry: pearl earrings, a chain with a drop pendant, or a thin ring with one or three stones. Too diligently following fashion trends looks as if you are trying hard not to go into circulation.

5. Wear shorter necklaces. Instead of a 40-centimeter “princess”, choose a “collar” or “choker” 30–35 cm long and 35–40 cm long, respectively. Prefer wide multi-row models. They attract attention and help to hide the age imperfections of the neck.

6. Give up massive earrings. By 50 years, the holes in the lobes are inevitably drawn out. Wear small studs or light hoops to prevent further deformation of the ears. A great alternative to traditional earrings – clips, which will cover the increased holes.

7. Buy earrings with stones the color of the eyes. If desired, you can play in contrast, shading the brown eyes with earrings with pink and lilac amethysts, and blue – brandy topaz. The sparkling insert will make your eyes sparkling, lively, young. Let the makeup be less bright, the face will still become more expressive.

8. Do not draw attention to the hands. It is they who immediately reveal the age of a woman, even when she carefully cares for her face and does not neglect the plastic. Be honest with yourself, and if you notice the first signs of aging on the skin of the hands – wrinkles or age spots, discard large cocktail rings. A set of several thin rings or a solitaire ring with a small central gemstone looks good.

9. Do not wear too many bracelets in an attempt to achieve a younger look. Two is enough. Complement the classic chain bracelet with a leather bracelet with charms or combine a pair of rigid bracelets of different width / color / texture.

10. Warm shades – your best friends. Yellow and rose gold gives the image a warm, fresh and light glow. Jewelry made of it looks quite solid and not as strict as jewelry made of white gold and platinum.

70-year-old Coco Chanel, who after a long break returned to the world of high fashion, said that the main secret of a stylish look is simplicity. “Before leaving the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory,” she said.

There is nothing wrong with buying fashionable jewelry in adulthood. Just make sure that they correspond not so much to the latest trends, as to you, as individuals.

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