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Engagement and wedding rings: we select harmonious sets

The European tradition of handing over the engagement ring to the beloved girl is gradually taking root in Ukraine. Now young people offer brides not only a hand and a heart, but also a special decoration.

Why special? Because, firstly, the engagement ring differs from the others in its recognizable design, and secondly, it is worn on the same finger as the engagement ring. Closely adjacent rings should complement each other, creating a stylish jewelry composition.

We will tell you how to choose a harmonious wedding set, and what to do if you have a reason not to do it.

The perfect combination of engagement and wedding ring
The easiest way to ideally combine an engagement ring and a wedding ring is to buy jewelery sold on a set. Wedding sets are in any jewelry store. The thoughtful set perfectly “sits” on the ring finger and looks like a single decoration: elegant, stylish and very effective.

For an absolutely complete set, look for a “trio” that includes two rings for the bride and one engagement ring for the groom. One coincidence is enough for all three jewelery: gold of identical color, identical stones or a single stylistics.

If you do not like ready-made kits, try to find a wedding ring that will make an immaculate engagement couple. Turn on your full sense of taste and go shopping.

Look for intersection points:

A wedding ring with vintage motifs will look good only with a similar engagement ring.
Feel free to fold classic “solitaire” out of jewelry: a solitaire ring with a central large stone and a smooth engagement ring.
The rims of the rings should be the same in width so that the engagement does not suppress the engagement (or vice versa).
If there is an engraving or carved pattern on one ornament, then the other should have the same pattern.
We combine stones and metals
Are you dreaming about a wedding ring with diamonds or other precious stones? Ensure the absolute identity of the shade of the inserts. Even a slight deviation will break the general harmony, not to mention outright contrasts. You yourself will not be able to wear a wedding ring with a path of alternating pink and yellow diamonds together with a ring in which a white diamond surrounded by purple tanzanites takes center stage.

The characteristics of a diamond in the engagement ring leave much to be desired? Visually correct them with a wedding band inlaid with stones of a higher degree of purity and transparency. They will increase the overall “gloss indicator” of the wedding set.

Metal is another convenient way to find the right jewelry. Pair rings should be made of the same type of material. Platinum and Platinum. Yellow gold and yellow gold. Combined metal models make it easy to choose. If the engagement ring is made of white and rose gold, look for a wedding ring of one of these shades. And even better – also two-tone!

Unsuitable wedding rings – do they have a right to live?
Not everyone is looking for similar style rings. Some people just like to shock others. Maybe the bride dyes her hair blue, wears green sweaters and pink jeans. A set of two matching jewelry is obviously not what she needs.

In addition, although the engagement and wedding rings are put on the same finger, this does not mean that they are adjacent to each other every day. Many women wear jewelry, obtained together with the proposal to marry, only before the wedding. And then remove it in the box and take out only in special cases.

Ring with a large stone is appropriate not always and not everywhere. As well as a chic porcelain service, which is available only on holidays, in everyday life using simple ceramic dishes. If a girl leads a lifestyle that allows wearing only a wedding ring, it makes no sense to carefully select a wedding set.

The question of finding a wedding ring suitable for the engagement party, like everything that happens in the process of organizing a wedding, is a private matter of the couple in love. But now you have ideas that will help you plan your purchase. If you need a reference set, pay attention to the style, proportions, metal and stones. If not, well, you just don’t have to worry about it.

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