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Jewelry at 16: the start of an adult jewelery collection

When your daughter turns 16, it’s time to start re-embracing the jewelry she wears. It is time to look at the stylish jewelry, which will gradually replace cheap jewelry, and will become the basis of its precious collection. When choosing a gift for her birthday, remember that she is a teenager: impetuous, contradictory, emotional.

We have prepared for you 5 great ideas that will help you decide on a gift.

1. Hint a date of birth
The most obvious solution is a pendant in the form of a zodiac sign. Today, in jewelry stores you can buy original models of pink, white and yellow gold. The sparkling symbols of the constellations are encrusted with transparent and colored inserts. For a young girl, choose inexpensive stones: cubic zirconias, topazes, grenades, citrines, Swarovski crystals.

The latest generation of Swarovski crystals possess enhanced brilliance and a spectacular play of light, which is very similar to diamonds. But if the latter are considered evening stones, then their “crystal” counterparts look great during the day, shining in the sun.

Another great option is jewelry with stones corresponding to the month of birth:

January is an energetic grenade. He accelerates the winter cold, gives his mistress energy and improves self-esteem.
February is a serene amethyst. Symbolizes peace and tranquility, pacifies the rebellious nature.
March is a romantic aquamarine. Associated with youth, purity and freshness, protects against diseases of the body and soul.
April is an exquisite diamond. Increases intelligence and self-confidence.
May is an alluring emerald. It is believed that it should be given to young people, because it brings them good luck.
June – sea pearls. Symbol of innocence, friendship and loyalty. Pink and white pearls – the best companion of girls.
July is a passionate ruby. The stone of love will help your daughter to avoid disappointment and find “her” person.
August is a hypnotic peridot. It protects from evil spirits and the evil eye, protects from envious thoughts and helps to make friends.
September is a noble sapphire. Attracts heavenly blessing, improves extrasensory abilities.
October is a magical opal. Softens selfish manifestations of character, protects from stress, brings friendship and peace.
November – sunny citrine. He will share with his mistress the energy derived from the sun.
December is blue topaz. Helps to clarify thoughts, recognize lies and reduce the intensity of emotions.
2. Pamper your princess
Every girl passes through the “princess” phase, approximately between the ages of 3 and 7 years. By the age of 16, the visible signs — the love of pink, bundle dresses and huge bows — disappear, but the desire to be a little princess for her loved ones will not go anywhere for a long time. Some ladies sneak it through life. You probably know women who, even in 70, behave like capricious persons of royal blood.

How to please the princess? Buy her jewelry:

Pendant in the shape of a heart with a pink stone.
Exquisite brooch, reminiscent of a precious bouquet of flowers.
Ring crown with intricate carved pattern.
Earrings with mobile drop stones or luxurious chandelier earrings.
3. Start the classic collection.
Classic decoration is universal, it will not go out of fashion in either five or twenty five years. Imagine, as you become an adult woman, your daughter will put earrings in her ears that you gave her for her 16th birthday and think about you warmly. Or maybe she will hand over this jewelry to her young daughter, and they will turn from a regular gift into family jewels.

What jewelry to choose?

Stud earrings with diamonds or colored stones that accentuate the shade of a girl’s eyes.
Chain, glider or rigid bracelet made of yellow, white or pink gold.
Gold chain of durable and at the same time refined female weaving: “Nona”, “Rose”, “Moscow Bismarck”, “Streamlet”.
4. Discover new meanings.
16 years is the most suitable age to give presents with meaning. Thoughtful teenager will like a necklace statement. This is a necklace in which the chain holds a gold-cast word or phrase, for example, believe – believe, dream – dream, or love – love.

The main function of this jewelry is to inspire and motivate. Agree, rarely anyone wakes up with a thirst for activity and can keep motivation every day, from morning to evening. A necklace with an inspiring word will help to cope with a difficult task, to survive a difficult day or to endure a conversation with an unpleasant person.

The girl will be delighted and fashionable among young people bracelet with charms. The base is a rubber, leather or metal cord. Charms are a great way for a teenager to reveal his “I”, to tell about his hobbies and ideals.

5. Have fun together
A sixteen-year-old daughter may surprise you by smiling in disappointment in response to the presentation of diamond earrings or a classic chain bracelet. You have a great opportunity to put another brick in a building of trust with a teenage child.

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