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Should wedding rings be the same?

Absolutely the same, complementary or completely different – what should be the rings for the bride and groom?

When you put gold rims on each ring, symbolizing the infinity of love, you take part in a ritual that has been connecting the lives of a man and a woman for more than one thousand years. Wedding traditions in different countries can vary greatly from each other, one thing remains unchanged – the exchange of wedding rings.

Traditionally, the couple chooses identical decorations to show that from now on the newlyweds are a single whole, that they value traditions and want to be part of each other.

Nevertheless, many newlyweds today go the other way and buy different wedding rings. Why?

Choosing a ring for her style and character, the bride (or groom) emphasizes her individuality.
In the process of choosing jewelry there is no pressure on the partner in an attempt to force him to choose one or another model.
Everyone can choose the ring that best shade skin tone, distract attention from flaws (too thick or thin fingers, large joints) or, on the contrary, emphasize the dignity of a beautiful hand.
Love is … take the choice of a loved one
In preparation for the wedding there is a lot of controversy. Which wedding cake to choose? Where to go for a honeymoon? The cake will be eaten, the journey will end, and the wedding rings will last for a lifetime. So, maybe buy those decorations that each of you likes, and don’t waste time looking for a compromise option? If you are sure that you will still be able to reach an agreement, think about this:

Metal. Gold is a traditional metal for wedding rings. But what if the bride or groom does not wear jewelry made from this metal? A man may well choose tungsten or titanium, while his beloved will insist on yellow gold.
Colour. Fashion for colored stones and got to the wedding rings. A rare man will decide to wear a ring with red rubies. Most likely, he will refuse sapphires and emeralds, and the bride will be happy to wear a ring with bright inserts.
Finishing. The surface of the ring can be glossy or matte, with a different degree of graininess, openwork or processed “diamond face”.
Design. In everyday life, you can stick to completely different styles. What suits the photographer or musician will not fit into the business image of the manager.
If you dream of a wedding ring with colored gems, pay attention to their hardness – it should not be lower than 7.5 units on the Mohs scale. Quite durable for everyday wear are sapphires, rubies, alexandrites, topaz and spinel.

When paired wedding rings are not an option
What to do if you come to the conclusion that you will not be able to buy identical wedding rings? Or maybe one of you still hopes to pick up the kit, while the second doubts that?

Do not rush to give up the idea of ​​finding a set of two pieces of jewelry that suit both of you – there are a couple more options.

You can order the production of wedding rings on the individual sketch. The jeweler will develop an ornament for you, in which all your wishes will be taken into account in color, design, presence of stones, surface texture. What is most valuable, your feelings and shared memories will be embodied in the ring.

The best solution would be to choose not identical, but somewhat overlapping rings:

Different in style, but created from the same metal (or vice versa, similar in style rings from different materials). For example, a ring with three vertically placed diamonds in yellow gold looks quite traditional, and in titanium it is very modern and brutal.
Grooms often choose the most simple models of jewelry, brides like the original decor. How to combine it? Look for rings that will be the same in shape, only all elements of men’s jewelry are made of glossy gold of the same color, and in the women’s center in the center of the rim there is a strip of gold of a different texture or color.
The girl will be happy to wear a ring, around the perimeter of which runs a diamond path. Her second half should consider a model with one diamond, but the same size and cut.
Jewelery Card store consultants will select original rings for the bride and groom – just tell us how you see your jewelry. We have rings of white, yellow and pink gold, smooth and with an interesting texture, with one stone or with a whole placer.

Only you determine which wedding rings will make both of you happy. It’s not so important, your wedding decorations are the same or different – you know for sure that love does not depend on it at all.

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Should wedding rings be the same?
Absolutely the same, complementary or completely different - what should be the rings for the bride and groom? When you put gold rims on each ring, symbolizing the infinity of…