How to choose the right ring size?
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Подробное описание window cleaning services здесь.
World gold producers
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Unexpected truth about wedding rings :-)
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4 rules for selecting men’s gold crosses

Gold pendant in the form of a cross is one of the most popular jewelry for men. Its form is a reflection of the very essence of Christianity. Moreover, it became a standard symbol used to represent and identify followers of the Christian faith in the IV century, and since then has not changed either its purpose or its meaning.

For hundreds of years, both men and women carry a cross as proof of their devotion to Jesus Christ and all that he taught: love, justice, patience and mercy. Not surprisingly, the shape and essence of this symbol inspire jewelry designers around the world.

The choice of the golden male dagger is a deeply personal decision of the believer. If earlier a cross was ordered to be worn, hiding it from prying eyes, then today it is not necessary to hide it. This means that the suspension should match your taste and style.

Not all models are suitable for men, so when searching for a suitable option, we recommend following the four basic rules.

1. Be concise
Without a doubt, abandon the crosses with colored gems, from too large and complex in design models.

Most recently, a scandal erupted in Britain when two people were immediately fired without severance pay for refusing to remove crosses in their workplace. Appeal to the court did not yield any result – the judges recognized the body cross as an optional subject for the believer.

The church does not prohibit wearing vests with ruby, emerald or topaz inserts, but they are more suitable for representatives of the weaker sex. In the men’s gold cross, one single diamond will look good, as a symbol of purity and wisdom.

The fashion for massive crosses worthy of the patriarchs of the church, remained in the distant 90s, along with crimson jackets and pointed-toed shoes. Now large pendants in the form of a cross are rappers, but for them these decorations are part of the subculture, and not a symbol of faith.

2. Specify the symbolism of the pendant
Golden men’s crosses, presented in jewelry stores of Ukraine, can be divided into three main categories:

Orthodox. The most common models, since Orthodoxy in Ukraine is practiced by about 11 million people. Men’s gold crosses can be four-, six- and eight-pointed. The image of Jesus on the crucifixion embodies humility, protection of humanity and joy.
The palms of the Son of God seem to embrace all the people on earth, opening the way for them to a new bright life.
Catholic. Catholics in Ukraine, according to religious organizations themselves, are about 5 million. 80% of them belong to the Greek Catholic Church, 20% – to the Roman Catholic. Crosses for them can be absolutely smooth, consisting of two perpendicular gold beams. There are models with the image of Christ. Unlike Orthodox crosses, Jesus was nailed not four, but three nails, on Catholic ones, his hands sag under the weight of the suffering body.
Decorative. These models do not correspond to the Orthodox and Catholic church canons. They play the role of stylish jewelry that has nothing to do with Christianity.
3. Choose metal correctly
On the shelves of church shops and jewelry stores you will find models made of yellow, white or pink gold. The rest of your accessories and even clothing items should be in harmony with the chosen shade of metal.

There are a lot of Protestants among Ukrainians – about 500 thousand people. For the most part, they don’t wear body-worn gold crosses.

Warm yellow or reddish color goes well with brown and other earth tones, as well as with such deep colors as royal blue and emerald green. Remember, yellow and pink gold have many shades due to the different recipes of ligatures used by manufacturers. If you want the metal of the cross to be absolutely identical to the metal, for example, a wedding ring, put them together on a white sheet of paper before buying to make sure that the metal is identical.

White gold is neutral, its shade is outside the color wheel, so it practically does not conflict with other colors. The only condition is to wear it on a chain of the same metal or on a black cord. The white gold cross perfectly matches with black and dark gray clothes, does not suppress light colors and does not dissolve with dark ones.

4. Consider daily dress code.
In the business world, the company in which you work may limit the wearing of any jewelry, including crosses. Usually the requirement is formulated as follows: “Men can wear discreet stylish jewelry.” In sight, it is permissible to leave clips for a tie, cufflinks, a watch, a wedding ring and a hairpin on the lapel of a jacket. Crosses are somehow hidden under the shirt.

Another thing – a democratic dress code that allows the wearing of T-shirts, pullovers with a triangular neckline and shirts without a tie, but with the collar open. Most likely, your cross will be clearly visible to your colleagues and clients.

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