Engagement and wedding rings: we select harmonious sets
The European tradition of handing over the engagement ring to the beloved girl is gradually taking root in Ukraine. Now young people offer brides not only a hand and a…

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Typical faceting defects on a diamond's surface
Cutting is the most laborious and crucial stage of the operation to turn a diamond into a diamond. The diamond cutter is faced with the difficult task of finding a…

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Typical faceting defects on a diamond's surface
Cutting is the most laborious and crucial stage of the operation to turn a diamond into a diamond. The diamond cutter is faced with the difficult task of finding a…

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How to buy a gold chain of suitable length

Cervical decoration can highlight the merits of your appearance or emphasize drawbacks. Do you want to get the first result and avoid the second? Look in the mirror – you will see the features of your face, neck and body that will help determine the optimal length of the chain, necklace or necklace.

Say no to worthless purchases
If you had to choose from your jewelry collection right now, would you find a necklace that you rarely wear or not wear at all? Let’s think about why you have wasted money buying a gold chain.

You have ceased to like the chain, bought a few years ago. You no longer wear gold of this color, the decoration seems too simple or, conversely, pretentious.
You decided to buy a gold chain in Ukraine at a sale, being flattered at a big discount, and did not think about what you would wear it with.
The decoration was presented to you by someone with negative memories that you would like to get rid of.
But much more often there are other two reasons explaining your dislike for a particular accessory:

Necklace, necklace or chain does not fit with your wardrobe.
The decoration does not flatter you.
How to avoid repeating mistakes? Let’s look at all the options to find the perfect chain length for you.

Options for men and women
Ukrainian manufacturers produce gold chains of standard length, multiple 5 cm. The minimum size is 40 cm. Under the order, the jeweler will make a product of any length for you, for example, specially for the neckline of your favorite evening dress.

For many women, the statement that long chains with pendants look great over turtlenecks is true. But not for those who have too small or, on the contrary, an impressive breast size. We recommend them to wear “active” earrings.

Women’s chains:

30–35 cm. Called, which means “collar”. The decoration got its name because it covers the neck as tightly as possible. To wear with the clothes leaving a neck naked: with a V-shaped decollete, with a cut-boat, with lowered shoulders.
35–45 cm. Choker – goes no lower than the base of the throat. Can be worn with almost any clothing: from a T-shirt to a cocktail dress.
45-50 cm. Princess – ends at the level of the clavicles. The most popular format. Universal model for any style and situation.
50–60 cm. Matine – pendant on this chain is located between the collarbone and bust. A good option for business and everyday wardrobe.
70–90 cm. Opera is a chain to the chest or 3-5 cm below. Ideal for deep cleavage and evening dress.
90–105 cm and more. Rope – length to waist. In the free sale of such long chains does not happen, only necklaces of pearls or semi-precious stones. They are worn with an elegant business or evening dress.
If you have a wide neck in girth, and you want to buy a gold chain from the first two categories, consider jewelry whose length is 3–5 cm more than this.

In men, the choice is limited, but each model looks great with any shirt or pullover:

45 cm. A chain under a neck for thin short men.
50 cm. Universal size – up to the clavicle, so you can safely buy such a model as a gift.
55 cm. It descends a couple of inches below the collarbone. This chain can already be supplemented with a pendant.
60 cm. For large representatives of the stronger sex, for men with pumped muscles.
Hip-hop and R-n-B rappers prefer long and massive jewelery – the gold chains of some artists go down to the waist.

Attention – on the neck
Since men have almost no concerns about the harmony of the figure and wardrobe, our further recommendations concern women. Gentlemen, do not rush to leave – stay and listen, you will surely learn something interesting about what gold chain to buy for your lady of heart.

A thoughtful selection process involves evaluating the entire body: from the shape of the face and bust size to height and body type.

Start from the neck. It is to her first thing that attracts the attention of the gold chain. The neck has length and shea…

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