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Ring with sapphire for engagement – back to basics

Blue stones are back in fashion. A new generation of designers is stepping forward and creating original engagement rings with sapphires. Every news about the award of such a famous ring – Victoria Beckham, Elizabeth Hurley, Penelope Cruz – again and again puts the sapphire in the spotlight.

Fashion always comes back
Men who are going to make a proposal to their second half, are increasingly looking for unique gold rings and find – rings with sapphires. Many will be surprised, but diamonds monopolized the market only after the middle of the last century as a result of an active advertising campaign by DeBeers. Before her, etiquette provided for the engagement of the ring with a colored gem.

Telling about the engagement rings with sapphire, it is impossible not to mention the luxurious blue stone, painted on the finger of Kate Middleton. The legendary sapphire ring was once worn by Princess Diana. This is one of the most famous jewelery in the world, not surprisingly, it helped pave the way for a new trend.

Do not confuse sapphire with tanzanite! The latter is even cut in such a way as to enhance its blue color, which gives it a resemblance to sapphire. Tanzanite gained fame thanks to the company Tiffany, which included it in their collections. A faceted stone from the manufacturer costs $ 400 per carat.

5 reasons to buy an engagement ring with sapphire
1. Symbol of love, devotion and innocence. Its color is associated with the purity of the sky, peace and nobility. He will guard his owner from deception and lies, share the ability to fascinate, help preserve peace of mind and improve relations with others. Sapphire ring is a great investment in a happy family life!

2. Impressive appearance. The blue color of sapphire fascinates and surprises. Can such a ring go unnoticed? The stone is cut with all the well-known cuts: from the classic round diamond to the “cushion” fashionable today. Starred sapphires are transformed into luxurious cabochons.

3. High value. For sapphires of rare purity and saturation of color they pay more than for diamonds. The final price depends on the color and weight of the stone in carats. Large crystals are less common, therefore, in terms of 1 carat, they are more expensive than small ones – up to $ 20 thousand per carat. Refinement also affects the cost. With other things being equal, natural sapphire is twice as valuable as the treated one.

4. Mohs hardness – 9. Sapphire – one of the few stones that can be worn every day without fear of scratching. Only diamond is stronger than him with its 10 points on the Mohs scale. Agree, this property must be considered when choosing jewelry, which is a constant companion of women.

5. Versatility. Ring with sapphire can be presented not only for engagement, but for any other significant occasion. Decoration with a small stone is suitable for an everyday look: business, romantic, in the style of casual. A large inset is a sign of a cocktail ring, appropriate for friendly, family and official parties. Be sure, this accessory is not stale in the box!

Sapphire rings from famous and young designers
The Beloved Boucheron collection is a square and oval shaped “pillow” cut sapphire ring made of white, yellow gold and platinum. Engagement rings from the British jeweler Andrew Geoghegan have already acquired the status of a modern classic. A large diamond-cut sapphire surrounded by small yellow sapphires is simply superb.

Baroque Jewelery used a cabochon sapphire to create the engagement ring, which contrasted sharply in color and shape with the neighboring trillion cut diamonds. Vintage sapphire ring from the American brand Ila & I is suitable for a bride who wants to stand out from the crowd. The uniqueness of the design solution lies in the unusual rectangular cut and the method of fastening the stone in the frame – it is as if clamped in two petals of yellow gold encrusted with diamonds.

For engagement rings fit ruby ​​with the same 9 points as the sapphire. Justified choice: alexandrite – 8.5 points, topaz and spinel – 8 points. Emeralds, amethysts, chrysolites less durable. With daily wear, they quickly lose their beauty.

Canadian designer Kat Florence offers his interpretation: an oval Ceylon sapphire of 6.3 carats, sandwiched in white paws, shines even brighter thanks to a wide diamond pavé that covers the entire rim of the ring. The oval form of sapphire is also preferred by the jewelry house Fabergé, which complemented the color stone with two pear-shaped white diamonds and a platinum frame. The masters of Tiffany, on the contrary, placed the diamond in the center and emphasized its radiance with two side sapphires.

Choosing rings with sapphires to be included in the catalog of the Jewelry Card shop, we follow the fashion trends of the world. Check it out now!

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