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Ring Magic with Opal

For mystical color play of opals is called one of the most impressive gemstones. Bright rainbow opals invariably attract attention, so they are often used for inlaying evening decorations. With the growing popularity of large cocktail rings in Ukraine, cabochon opals have become even more in demand.

Opals for rings for every taste
There are many opals with different physical and visual characteristics: fiery, the most valuable are black, the most durable are boulder opals, almost colorless are girazzi, mosaic are harlequins, pearl are cacholongs, apple-green chrysopals and even more than 120 varieties.

Only fire opals are exposed to a brilliant round cut. As a result of processing, the others turn into oval or round polished cabochons or retain their original natural shape, acquiring a jewelery gloss.

Stones can be divided into two categories:

Noble opals. They shine with all the colors of the rainbow and seem to glow from the inside, are semi- or completely transparent, have a variety of colors – from black to bluish-white. Refer to the gems.
Ordinary opals. They do not shimmer in the light, they are evenly painted in various pastel colors: beige, pinkish, greyish. After grinding, the most beautiful specimens are used in jewelry as semi-precious stones.
Opal rings are in the collections of many jewelry houses. The ring with the luxurious black opal became the star of the Dolce Riviera collection by Boucheron. The incredible play of colors and the radiance of the stone were also inspired by the designers of Van Cleef & Arpels, who created the California Reverie collection with Ethiopian opals in the lead roles. The fashion house Chaumet uses Australian stones, surrounding them with white gold, diamonds and sapphires. And the company Tiffany & Co believes that opals are worthy of the best frame – platinum.

What you need to know when buying a ring with an opal?
Are you going to buy a ring with opal? Learn more about the features of the stone to make the right choice and extend the life of the jewelry:

The cost of the ring depends not only on the weight of the gold frame, but also on the quality of the insert. The more expressive the play of light on the surface of the stone, the more expensive the decoration. In stones of excellent quality, this effect is noticeable from a distance of 0.8–0.9 meters.
The ring with the embracing “deaf” clip of the stone will serve you longer than with the claw. Metal around the perimeter will prevent cracks and chips from accidental impact and keep the stone in place. For additional protection from mechanical damage, opals are coated with a transparent synthetic resin.
Gold 585 is stronger than 750 gold, so the first option is more suitable for opal edging.
Noble opals are very expensive. To reduce the price in serial jewelry often used doublets or triplets. They are based on cheaper onyx or ornamental opals, on top of which plates of precious opals are fixed.
In winter, hide the ring with opal under the glove. Any temperature fluctuations can adversely affect the appearance of the stone.
Wear a ring with opal as often as possible, because the stone needs constant watering. In conditions of low humidity, it can dim and even crack.
The most dense and stable in structure are Australian opals. They are less prone to deterioration due to sudden heating, cooling or prolonged lack of moisture.
Opal Ring Magic
Glory of truly magical stones has been fixed behind the opals. They accumulate the emotions of their owner, so that envious, selfish and evil people cannot wear a ring with opal. But the decoration is ideal for a person with pure and positive thoughts, it will open in him creative and clairvoyant abilities, ensure financial well-being and give true love.

Synthetic opals, in their beauty and play of light that are not inferior to natural ones, have been produced since the 70s. Their price varies between 15-150 dollars per carat, while the cost of noble opals averages 500 dollars per carat. The upper price limit is absent due to the subjective assessment of the stones.

Stones have a positive effect on all internal organs. Which ones depends on which finger you wear the ring with opal. The decoration on the index finger will help to normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract, a ring on the average will improve blood circulation, a ring on the ring will have a positive effect on the endocrine system. An ancient belief says that opal helps solve vision problems, get rid of insomnia and relieve a migraine attack.

If the magical and healing possibilities of opals will be appreciated only by people inclined to mysticism, then the beauty of these stones conquers everyone without exception. In jewelry stores, gold rings with opals quickly find their buyers – those who know a lot about refined and unique jewelry.

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