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Ring with pomegranate: a symbol of love, amulet and healer

Golden ring with pomegranate – a classic jewelry. Noble gems are familiar to mankind for about five thousand years, and all this time they are actively used to create jewelry. They can be found in ancient Egyptian and Roman rings and medallions, in medieval Slavic pendants, in European products of the end of the XIX century.

Pomegranates are of magmatic origin, and can be both transparent and opaque. The main deposits are located in the Czech Republic, East and South Africa, Italy, and Yakutia. In addition to jewelry, these stones are widely used in technology as semiconductors.

Since ancient times, garnet is considered to be the stone of lovers, which is why getting a golden ring with it as a gift is the same as hearing assurances of eternal love. This jewelry will help to establish strong relations and revive family life, besides, the ring with garnet is always very beautiful and spectacular. He is increasingly being given the role of a wedding ring, which looks unusual and at the same time romantic, especially in combination with diamonds.

What is the beauty of rings with garnet?
Design for every taste

In the assortment of any large jewelry store there are more than a dozen gold and silver rings with garnet. Designers offer different variations in the popular floral style, traditional models with large cabochons and trendy rings, the bezel of which is made up of many stones.

The most common rings with grenades round, oval or teardrop-shaped. The crystals faceted with a “pillow” or “triangle” look very interesting. A young girl will be decorated with a decoration with a scattering of small stones; a mature lady will most likely opt for a more impressive grenade.

Compatibility with different styles

Laconic pomegranate ring can be worn with a business suit in black, gray and maroon tones. It adds style to femininity, elegance and chic. The decoration will create a wonderful ensemble with a cocktail dress of cornflower or pink hue. Giddy rings with grenades and other bright gems will perfectly fit into a romantic summer style. The decoration looks great on the background of a snow-white wedding dress.

Variety of shades

Grenades differ in composition and, respectively, in color:

Pyrope is famous for its fiery red hue, which magnesium imparts to it.
Gentle yellow or greenish grossular owes its color to the compound of aluminum and calcium.
In emerald green uvarovite calcium and chromium are combined.
Manganese gives orange color to spessartine.
Dark red, down to black, andradite contains iron.
There is iron in purple-red almandine, but in a different form.
As a rule, the lighter the grenades in the ring, the younger the owner of the jewelry. Fire-colored stones are recommended for Sagittarius, Lions, Taurus and Aries. Green crystals are good for Libra, Aquarius and Gemini. Astrologers do not advise wearing grenade ornaments to Cancers, Pisces and Scorpios.

Positive impact on life

A ring with a pomegranate is the perfect decoration for a person with optimistic views. The stone is designed to give vigor and good mood. They say that he brings power over people, success in business and success in creativity. Owners of jewelry with grenades less often than other people get into unpleasant situations, and if it does happen, leave them with minimal mental and monetary losses.

Ring with pomegranate can be bought for only 1500-2000 hryvnia. Usually this jewelry with almandines. The most expensive garnets are gemstones with alexandrite effect, they are also the rarest. Such crystals can change color from purple-red to green-blue.

Still, the most important property of a grenade is to attract happy love, and it’s not for nothing that in many countries rings with grenades are in high demand among girls. At the same time, red stones make women more calm and reasonable, which often benefits relationships. Green gems contribute to the proper allocation of time and money.

Proven healing properties

Pomegranates help with infectious diseases: they reduce high fever, reduce sore throat, relieve migraine attacks. Ring with pomegranate – a mandatory attribute for pregnant women. Our ancestors believed that it would help in childbirth, give more strength and ensure a happy outcome.

In the Middle Ages, warriors always wore a ring with a garnet as a means of protection from injuries and wounds. Stone was attributed hemostatic and anti-inflammatory properties. To achieve the maximum effect, it is advisable to wear a ring on the middle finger of the right hand.

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