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Lock the bracelet

Before purchasing a gold bracelet, you must carefully examine it. Smooth surfaces should be absolutely smooth, without scratches and burrs, openwork design – perfect, stone – firmly fixed in the frame.

Special attention should be paid to the castle. Check whether you can open and close it yourself, whether it fixes the decoration firmly, whether it is unbuttoned without your participation. Each fastener has its own features, which you should be aware of before purchasing a bracelet. Jewelry of the appropriate quality could not be returned to the store, so if the lock turns out to be inconvenient while wearing, the impression of a long-awaited purchase may be ruined.

Spring lock
It is most often used for bracelets, chains of elegant weaving. The spring lock can also be found on rigid bracelets, the back of which is a short chain, and the front one – a thin golden strip decorated with engraving or colored stones.
A round lock with a latch on a miniature spring is widely distributed in gold products of mass production. It is lightweight, durable and small in size, which complicates its fastening. An inaccurate sock can quickly ruin it. Be careful, and always check the performance of the latch, when you lose your elasticity in time to change the lock, so as not to lose the bracelet.

This more reliable and durable modification of the spring lock can be found on chain bracelets, however, the hard varieties are sometimes supplemented with the simplest anchor chain, which is fastened with a spring-loaded loop. The chain helps to reduce or increase the size of the jewelry.

The carabiner is made by hand, its quality depends solely on the skill of the jeweler. It is selected depending on the weight of the bracelet. The size of the fastener on average varies from 8.5 mm. up to 16 mm. The lock is able to withstand serious weight, it is easy and convenient to use.

Lock box
It is difficult to manufacture and is relatively rare. Usually they are equipped with glider bracelets, in which the clasp should be a whole with the decoration. The uniformity of the design makes the lock-box absolutely invisible, outwardly it looks like another glider.

A box lock consists of two basic elements: the box itself with a hole and the latch plate folded in half, the notches on which are firmly fixed inside during fastening. In order to further strengthen the structure, locking hinges are used on one or both sides.

Screw lock
Do you like bracelets in the form of chains of round weaving – snake, round “fox tail”, perlin? There is a high probability that they will fasten with a screw lock. It closes like a screw and nut connection – one part of it is easily and quickly screwed into the other. The ease of connection makes it unsurpassed in reliability.

Lock buckle
Best of all, the buckle is suitable for glitter (link) bracelets. One of its elements is like a ladder, with a folding latch clinging to the steps. The lock-buckle allows you to change the size of the bracelet within a small range, which is very useful if you decide to wear it not directly on the wrist, but over the top of a turtleneck sleeve or blouse, demonstrating a fashion trend.

You can easily fasten the latch without help. Unfortunately, due to the softness of gold in a few years, it will lose its elasticity and will open at the slightest impact – for example, if you touch it with the edge of the table. Be careful not to lose the bracelet!

Articulated lock
An excellent mechanism for fastening hard and glitter bracelets. A spring-loaded swivel with a pin is guaranteed to hold the two parts of the bracelet together, regardless of the weight of the jewelry.

There are rigid and glitter bracelets without a lock, which are a closed ring. If you like just such jewelry, you will need to find a model that will pass through the widest part of your palm and firmly hold on to your wrist, even during active movement: while walking or dancing.

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