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Clips – earrings for everyone

Clips are the same stylish and effective jewelry for the ears, like ordinary earrings, but clips appeared much later, only in the XX century. Their authorship belongs to the great Louis Cartier, who invented the use of the “clothespins” principle for jewelry. The original decoration was quickly appreciated, not only for the opportunity to refuse to pierce the ears, but also for its multifunctionality – the clip can play the role of an earring, pendant or brooch with the same success, all thanks to the clasp-clip.

Wear clips with pride!
Do not think that the clips are inferior to gold earrings in beauty and grace. Believe me, it’s not like that at all! If you are afraid of piercing your earlobes or you cannot do this for medical reasons, do not refuse ear jewelery. Designers are constantly developing more sophisticated and convenient designs of these accessories.

At first glance, it is simply impossible to distinguish a clip from an earring – it is so perfectly located on the ear. Gold clips with inserts of pearls and stones look immaculately complete with an evening dress, and simpler jewelery with an everyday suit.

Clips are the perfect jewelry for teenage girls who are not allowed by their mother to pierce their ears. To fix the earring on the lobe, it is not necessary to undergo even painless, but still quite sensitive operation.

Clips are not only for women, these unusual earrings are also present in the collections of men’s jewelry. For the representatives of the stronger sex, the main advantage is the absence of the need to pierce the ears – no one will guess that after work the strict boss turns into a hipster.

The choice of gold earrings with a specific fastener is determined, first of all, by the type of face of their future owner. Today you can buy clips of various sizes, shapes and decor, so you will surely find the pair that suits you. A round face obliges to wear clips with elongated elements and pendants, a square one calls for softening of lines, for which round clips are used. Are you blonde with bright eyes? Clips with light stones will complement your look. The beauty of dark eyes is emphasized by gold earrings with inserts of warm shades. The appearance of the brunette will be even brighter if she chooses color clips.

Girls with a small earlobe is better to give preference to oblong matte decorations, with large – flat clips. The thinner the ear, the lighter and more visually fragile the earrings should be. The ears, tightly pressed to the head, need bulky large clips.

Features of fixing clips
All gold earrings for non-pierced ears can be divided into two categories:

Earrings with lock-screw. The main constituent elements of these decorations are: caste, brace, thrust plate in the form of a sphere with a diameter of 5–6 mm, a screw, a post and a handle. The latter is designed to tighten the screw until the thrust plate presses as tightly as possible to the ear. Wearing earrings with such a lock is not very convenient, but you can adjust the clamping force at your discretion.
Earrings with latch. They consist of a caste, a plate catch and a bracket. To insert the latch into the holes of the bracket, its walls are slightly pushed apart and then re-tightened, ensuring the free running of the tongue. In the open state, it should spring up, and when closing it should snap.
In modern clips, the fastener can be adjusted in such a way that it will not overly compress the lobe, delivering unpleasant sensations, as was typical of the first samples. At the same time, the clamp reliably covers the mounting area, which reduces the risk of losing precious jewelry.

When wearing a clip, did you feel a headache and other discomfort? Remove earrings as soon as possible. Doctors do not recommend wearing clips longer than 3–4 hours in a row, and even then, provided they are periodically removed for 2–3 minutes and a light massage of the lobe.

Regardless of the type of earrings, all elements of the retainer should be perfectly polished to avoid injury to the earlobe. Artistic decoration of jewelry – inserting stones, decorating with enamel – is carried out in accordance with standard jewelry technology.

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