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Earrings: dreams, omens, divination

Have you always thought that earrings are just jewelry? Have you ever paid attention to the superstitions associated with them? Now it is difficult to say what exactly caused the assignment of a protective amulet to the earrings. One thing is known for sure – our ancestors revered them as a ward that saves the body from diseases, and the soul from evil forces.

Earrings for health and good luck
Both men and women have always been attentive to their earrings. In general, among the Slavs, regardless of gender, it was considered necessary to wear an earring in the left ear, as they say, “for good luck”. In fact, everything is explained much easier and more practical. Violent battles that periodically occur between the Slavs and the nomads, left behind a mountain of corpses. The earring in the ear made it possible to instantly distinguish “one’s own” from a foreigner, even if the face was very disfigured.

Sailors wore earrings as protection against drowning, and tried to choose gold jewelry, apparently fearing that the omen still wouldn’t work. But those who catch the deceased pirate got the earring as payment for his decent burial.
The girl who is getting married should have a festive golden earrings, which should have been worn by a married friend, happily married. Then the newly minted bride waited for love and joy. In this case, a married woman could not remove their jewelry, otherwise she could be widowed. The only ones who did not wear earrings were widows, for them it was a great sin.

It is quite common, and so far, superstition about the benefits of wearing earrings for sight. Perhaps the rationale for this prejudice is a huge number of active points located on the ear lobe. Earrings, affecting them, can somehow affect the state of health, but there is no scientific evidence of this fact.

Golden dreams
Dreams in which gold earrings appear are not uncommon. Perhaps you should know what you should prepare for when you see modest studs or luxurious hoop earrings in your sleep. In different dream books different interpretations are offered, but the following can be attributed to the main ones:

earrings in a dream – the proximity of interesting work and good news, the expectation of a holiday and gifts;
sometimes earrings can mean the arrival of guests;
if you see earrings in someone’s ears, be careful – maybe someone spreads false rumors about you;
a man sees earrings for acquaintance;
mothers of daughters should be very careful – earrings in a dream signify changes in the fate of the younger generation;
trying on earrings? Wait for the fulfillment of a loving desire;
students dream decoration will help you pass tests and exams;
the loss or sale of earrings can mean a loss in real life – monetary or love.
We hope you will dream of earrings only for good.

Magic Earrings
Like any other gold jewelry, earrings have a powerful energy potential. Moreover, some part of them can be said to be directly “inside” the body. Thanks to the plots, read over the earrings, you can get rid of tooth and ear pain. They say that if you rub the eye with a golden earring ten times, then the speck that fell into it goes out by itself.

Conspired earrings are the strongest protective amulet. Even modern psychics say that this is indeed a very effective way of covering up against negative thoughts and actions of people who dislike you. True, you can not remove the earrings after the plot even in the soul, otherwise the magic effect of the jewelry will come to naught.

Often, earrings are used in love magic, for example, when searching for the second half. At the bottom of the glass container should put a new gold earrings and fill them with clean spring water, and then cover with a sheet of white paper. Before midnight, in the light of a red candle, you need to utter the words of a conspiracy, after which you need to put out the candle and leave the water to stand until morning. When you are going to work or study, take the conspiracy vessel with you and pour the water under the nearest tree. It will look a little weird, but true love is worth it, isn’t it? Drop the earrings on the bottom into your ears and wear exactly seven days. It is possible that after a week you’ll actually get to know the dream of a lifetime. And even if not, the earrings will still remain with you – agree, a good consolation for disappointment in miracles.

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