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7 stylish jewelery, from which realism is breathtaking

Some jewelry makes it so realistic that they are hardly distinguishable from real birds, plants and insects. It seems that a little more and the butterfly will flutter, the rose will stir in the wind, and the spider will crawl further on its own business. We have collected 7 of the most striking works of jewelry art, which are distinguished by special realism.

1. Spider

German jewelry brand Hemmerle boasts a rather unusual collection of jewelry. They are famous for the release of rings, bracelets and pendants in the form of vegetables and mushrooms. The iconic line of the company is Art of nature. It is dedicated to the beauty of nature and is updated annually. One of the most striking works of the collection is the real-size bird spider made of gold.

2. Frog

Roberto Cavalli is a brand that specializes in high-end fashion clothing. This year, the brand has released a collection of jewelry dedicated to our smaller brothers. Among the presented instances, a two-finger ring can be considered quite realistic. There is a green frog sitting on it, and it seems that it is about to jump off the decoration.

3. Crocodiles

Crocodiles striking vintage necklace from the world famous jewelry brand Cartier, was made back in 1975, but it still delights jewelry connoisseurs. It is made of gold, covered with yellow diamonds, emeralds and rubies. Crocodiles, if desired, are detached and can be used as separate brooches.

4. Butterfly

Wallace Chan (Wallace Chan), perhaps one of the most unusual jewelers of our time, which creates butterflies, dragonflies, grasshoppers and flies from gold and precious stones. He gives them a real size, polishes the rhinestone so that it becomes like the wings of insects. For example, a butterfly called Forever Dancing. It is made of pearl sheets, rock crystal, opals and colored diamonds.

5. Dragonfly

The dragonfly created by the same Asian master deserves no less attention. Wallace Chan (Wallace Chan) does not get tired of repeating that dragonflies and butterflies are for him real muses. The jeweler made this cute dragonfly from gold and rock crystal, its body is made of large African tanzanites, and the wings are decorated with sapphires and emeralds.

6. Firebird

Brand Jewelery Theater was created in Russia. Until now, he has positioned himself as Russian, although he is now in London. Jewelers of the company create jewelry category Higher jewelry. One of the most interesting and realistic in the brand’s portfolio can be considered a firebird made of yellow gold encrusted with diamonds, pink and blue sapphires.

7. Rose

Last year, Tiffany’s jewelers created a bracelet, on which a jewelery rose blossomed. It is made of 18-carat gold and covered with colored precious stones – rare spessartines, rich tsavorits, transparent and fancy diamonds.

Jewelers constantly amaze with their craftsmanship; they make gold not only jewelry. We recently reviewed 10 unique pieces of pure gold clothing that are worth seeing at least once.

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