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Where does gold come from: reveal the cards
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Where does gold come from: reveal the cards

Our new article will answer the question, where does gold come from? It will be useful for everyone who is not indifferent to this brilliant precious metal, interested in its history, mining and factors affecting the pricing of gold jewelry.

Where is gold mined?
The gold reserves of the planet are striking in their scale. But there are only a few countries that can be safely called the leaders in the gold mining market. Gold in the palm of Palm in terms of gold production until the 2000s was occupied by South Africa. This is the richest South African country, where precious metals and stones are mined almost in cosmic dimensions. For example, in 1980, South Africa mined 80% of all gold in the world. It was an absolute record, but such a monopoly could not exist forever. Now South Africa has significantly reduced its activity in this direction, and today the volume of gold production in this country is only 35% of the total world quantity.

If we talk about Western countries, then in 1980 gold mining was most active in Canada and the United States. But, according to the principle of South Africa, these countries today also significantly reduced the volume of gold production.

Who is mining gold? These are mainly countries with a booming economy. For example, Australia has increased its gold production by 14 times and continues to rapidly develop this area in its development.

A similar picture is observed in the Pacific countries (New Guinea, Indonesia and the Philippine Islands). These countries are very actively engaged in gold mining and annually increase their performance in this segment.

Another gold miner country that is actively conquering this segment is China.

The result of day labor Why is this happening? The thing is that now the companies that are engaged in gold mining have merged. The greater the company’s resource, the more money it can mobilize, introduce innovative gold mining methods, and diversify economic and political risks. Due to the competition between large companies, countries with cheap electricity and labor (that is, countries with developing economies) have become interesting for large gold investors.

It is noteworthy that the countries where the most gold is mined (now it is Australia and China) do not fundamentally affect the total value of gold.

How is gold mined?
An interesting fact: the attention of gold miners is increasingly turning to poor gold ores, which were previously considered unsuitable. Now abandoned mines, quarries, mines, which for a long time had the status of “mothballed”, are being actively developed. This is due to the fact that the technology of gold mining has changed. They have become more sophisticated, allowing to extract gold where previously it was economically unprofitable and unjustified from a business point of view.

Due to the biological, heap, heap with cyanidation leaching in columns, updated hydro- and pyrometallurgical methods, the secondary processing of poor ores and “tails” of gold mining factories, gold mining in places with its content of 1 g / ton has become profitable.

It was possible to reduce the cost of gold mining due to the following factors: Natural gold from the bowels of the earth

Unprofitable ores are closed.
No need for a large amount of exploration.
Implementing innovative technologies that save labor and capital.
Gold production increased in low-wage countries.
What influences the pricing of gold jewelry?
With where the gold is mined and how, we have already figured out. It’s time to think about how this all affects the cost of gold jewelry and sales of gold in general.

To begin with, the majority of gold sold comes from the bowels of the earth. But since the volume of gold mining as a whole does not increase and does not decrease, its sales are similar. Thus, the offer of gold in the markets varies quite weakly, especially not changing from year to year.

But what really affects the volume of gold sales is gold scrap, which is surrendered to natural persons (these are medals, coins, jewelry, etc.), as well as how active and in what volumes banks sell their gold reserves. In this case, the value of the metal is determined at market auctions at the national and world levels.


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