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Gold chain: TOP-4 life hacking, how to choose “your”

Gold chains are a favorite among jewelery, both for men and women. They have no age restrictions, look equally impressive on people of any gender, age and social status, differ in design and style.

Despite the fact that gold chains carry almost everything, not everyone knows what to look for when choosing this jewelry. In our new article we will give 4 simple life hacking, how to choose a gold chain. Knowing about them, you will definitely choose exactly the jewelry that you will wear with pleasure for many years!

The length of the chain: how to determine the right?
A thin rope chain. I really want the chain to look perfect around the neck of its carrier, not too long, or, on the contrary, short. How to determine what length you need, and do not overpay for unnecessary centimeters? The answer is simple – focus on your physique.

If you:

fragile woman, take a chain of 45-50 cm;
for young ladies of average build, a length from 50 to 55 cm is suitable;
Well, large ladies should choose an ornament with a length of 55 cm.
For a slender guy, a chain of 50 cm is suitable. A man of average build should choose a piece of jewelry from 55 cm, and large groups of the stronger sex are suitable for chains of 60 cm and more.

Are you choosing a gold chain for a child? Then for the girl there will be more than enough chains of 40 cm, and for the boy – 45 cm.

Chain weaving: which one to choose?
The jewelry industry has gone far enough when it comes to weaving gold chains. Nona, Snake, Singapore, Lava, Rope, Rose, Bismarck, Carapace, Rhombo … Today there are a great many, and each of the weaves is in its own way beautiful and stylish. What to choose – it is only your taste.

Snake chainBut we are ready to help you with the difficulties of choosing simple tips:

The most durable is Bismarck. This is a very beautiful hand weaving, which is very popular among both men and women.
Anchor – is also a weaving-unisex, it looks very gentle and neat.
Weaving “rose” is of high strength and durability. It looks expensive, noble and fits all, but they prefer it, for some reason, more than a woman …
Lock and weight of the suspension: what you need to know?
Choosing a chain, be sure to pay attention to the lock. Check the serviceability of the lock, so to speak, “without departing from the cash register,” because a bad lock very often serves as the cause of the loss of the decoration.

For gold chains, jewelers usually use a locking carabiner or a spring lock. A spring lock is suitable for thin chains, but for medium ones only a carbine.

In order for your chain to serve you for a long time, wear the “right” pendants on it. The point is that the weight of the pendant and the weight of the chain should be related in a ratio of 1 to 5. Where 1 is the weight of the pendant, and 5 is the weight of the chain. That is, if your chain weighs 10 g, then choose a pendant whose weight will not exceed 2 g. Otherwise, the links of the chain are quickly frayed, and the product itself is torn.

Hollow chain: how to define?
Very often, buyers are afraid that they will be deceived by slipping the “bad” – “empty” instead of the “good” chain. So we will immediately designate that a hollow chain or blown gold is not a universal evil. Such chains look expensive and are much cheaper than non-hollow ones. Their only negative – fragility. Links of a hollow chain fray quickly, especially if you wear a massive pendant on it.

How to determine that before you a hollow chain? Just take it in hand. Product weight is your main assistant. If the chain looks massive, but light at the same time, it means that it is hollow.

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