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Choose your dream decoration!

What should it be – “its” decoration? It’s simple: love, never ceases to please, no matter how many times you put it on! If a ring or pendant donated or acquired on its own, a bracelet or chain became not just an integral part of the image, but a part of self-perception, when looking at yourself in the mirror, you can smile and say, “Well! Now everything is great! ”

“Own” is like the finishing touch of the painting titled “Happy Me”, practically a talisman!

But how to find this special, sweet heart decoration among such a variety of options?

Jewelry showcase Svirsky

Let us try to formulate simple principles of choice, which can guide everyone, regardless of changes in trends, and, in principle, outside the concept of “fashion”, which in itself is conditional and has rather blurred boundaries.

Rely on intuition
We perform many actions in life by trusting our intuition. When choosing jewelery, the first thing worth listening to is your inner voice (spiritual impulse, intuitive burden – just like anyone). The subconscious mind does not deceive and does not work at the click: it gives the right clues – they just need to be “dialed”.

Of course, with an abundance of jewelery beauty and grace, it is difficult to do this without succumbing to the temptation and impulse, but still it is possible. By the way, usually what you liked (it was to your liking!) Was the first to come back.

Consider a choice
If you liked the decoration, however, for example, it’s a little expensive for you today, then it is not yet time. And no place. It’s not even a combination of numbers on the price tag, but the fact that you need to analyze the situation, weighing the numerous pros and cons. And from different points of view:

can i afford
Do I need it right now?
Did I really want such a decoration?
whether its aesthetic value is really commensurate with the financial investments that will have to be made to acquire, etc.
Comfort and functionality on the scale
Of course, when choosing a jewelry, they mainly focus on its beauty and compatibility with style, but at the same time they do not forget about practicality. That is, to think about how comfortable it will be to wear this ring or necklace, you should definitely.

Pure visual impulsive perception a la “wow! what a beauty! ”may not correspond to a banal practical component: a product of such shape, volume or length simply does not suit you. And just to buy because I really wanted to, but wear only once? Still, the jewelery you like is acquired in order to enjoy daily or to complement the festive attire, but to do it with a certain regularity.

That is not to admire lying in a case or in a casket, but to wear and feel at the same time comfortable.

By the way, the factor of comfort and expediency when buying jewelry as a gift should be taken into account for those who wish to please a good choice.

“Sober” reflections will not hurt
So, if after analyzing the ratio of practicality and cost, the brain issued the decision “Yes! This jewelry is worth buying! It will bring joy! ”, Then it is really“ that very ”piece of jewelry. If both the soul and the mind simultaneously signal the correctness of the choice, it means that “your own” decoration has been found!

The significance of doubt
One should pay attention to doubts: if they visited you (to one degree or another), it is better to refuse to buy. Believe me, if the decoration is “your”, then there will be no doubt about it! You will initially understand that this is exactly what you were looking for! It is exactly that. It just did not come across to you before your eyes.

If you doubt and hesitate, it means that later it will never become the most beloved (even despite the magnificence and power of the first impression).

Try on: a lot, different, without constraint
Attention: an important recommendation! In a jewelry store you should not be shy and shy: try on as many jewelry as possible. This is only good! Need to try! And try different options. Sellers will be happy to offer you 10, and 12, and 20 models: this is their job.

Let’s say you want to choose earrings. Fine! So, there is a reason to try on several models of different shapes and lengths, with and without stones, with a classic or other type of fastener, etc. There is nothing reprehensible and awkward about this, since a pair of earrings must fit the shape of the face, skin and hair color, haircut, style of clothes, image and, finally, match the mood in which you came to the store to choose a gift. Everything has to come together, all factors. And if this happens, internally you will be convinced that the choice is right.

It is the same with chains, and with bracelets, and with rings, and with pendants, etc.

Trying on models of very different designs (even one that we couldn’t even think about before!) Will give you the opportunity to make the right choice. Confident choice of jewelry, which is destined to be loved!

Follow these simple tips and you will certainly find the decoration of your dreams! Exceptional … Desired … Own …

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