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Brief history of diamonds

The main decoration of a luxurious wedding ring, before becoming the subject of enthusiasm and admiration, passes a long and complex path from a diamond crystal to a diamond – a stone, the magnificence of which has been admiring people for many centuries.

The love of mankind for diamonds originated in India: it was there that initially engaged in the collection and processing of diamonds found in rivers and sources. Historians argue that the trade in diamonds began in the 4th century BC. Of course, there is no talk about mass diamond mining: Indian merchants sold single copies, and only the richest representatives of the aristocracy could afford to buy them.

Unique diamond

However, over time, Indian merchants brought whole caravans of diamonds to Europe. Historical documents confirm the massive discovery at the beginning of the 14th century. diamond cutting workshops in Venice. By the end of the century, Parisian masters and jewelers of Bruges were actively engaged in processing diamonds, and later master-made diamond cutters appeared in Antwerp (Belgium). By the beginning of the 15th century, these gems acquired the status of the most expensive and desirable accessories, which all European nobility “hunted” for.

Antique gold ring of the 17th century. From the 17th century, the diamond is the most popular gemstone used in the design of fine jewelry. A century later, luxury jewelery with diamonds, which by that time were no longer a rarity, but still remained, to put it in modern language, a kind of wealth marker, was established by the tacit status of an ideal expensive gift.

Recent history
The beginning of the new diamond era is considered to be the 1866th: this is the year of discovery of the richest diamond deposits in South Africa. Twenty two years later, Cecil John Rhodes, an entrepreneur, founded the company De Beers, which later became a huge corporation (by the beginning of the 20th century it controlled almost 90% of world production).

Today, large-scale diamond mining is carried out in almost thirty countries around the planet, with the exception of the European continent and Antarctica. According to statistics, hundreds of millions of carats a year are being produced commercially! In particular, the production of “De Beers” in 2017 amounted to 33.4 million carats of diamonds.

The delightful beauty and the dazzling brilliance of beautiful diamonds have always been valued, but man has only recently succeeded in exploring the physical characteristics of a diamond. The ability to thoroughly study the nature of diamond appeared to scientists only in the last 50-60 years. The knowledge gained is used to organize the exploration and development of new deposits. More complete information about the properties of this unique mineral inspires jewelers to invent new types of cut, contributing to a more complete disclosure of the amazing beauty of brilliant shine.

The history of the diamond engagement ring
Any romantic bride dreams of a diamond ring. According to historians, the founder of the trend called “diamond engagement rings” can be considered the Austrian Archduke Maximilian, who ordered a lovely ring with a faceted diamond for his beloved Mary of Burgundy, who later became his wife. This event happened in 1477. In the 15th century, only the representatives of the highest aristocracy of Europe and the royals had the opportunity to follow the example of the archduke.

In the sentimental Victorian era when creating jewelry diamonds combined with other precious stones. The tradition was continued in the aftermath, but only very wealthy people could still afford the luxury of purchasing exquisite jewelry.

In the troubled times of the early 20th century, referred to as the “Great Depression” period of the 1930s in America, the demand for diamond jewelery dropped significantly. However, thanks to a very intrusive advertising, in which the brightest stars of the cinematic and pop Olympus were involved, it was possible to gradually return the interest of the population to the luxurious works of jewelry, decorated with diamonds.

The ideological goal of the Diamonds forever promotion campaign, organized by De Beers Corporation, the largest diamond supplier to the world market, was achieved: a rare elite stone was perceived as quite affordable. Diamond engagement rings are proclaimed a true symbol of strong marriage bonds, based on deep sincere feelings – as beautiful and multifaceted as this gem with an incredible brilliance.

Modern gold ring with a diamond Nowadays, the most popular round cut diamonds with 58 facets. This is a classic. However, graceful rings adorned with magnificent stones cut “princess” and others are in great demand. Models with an elegant unusual cushion cut have become a real hit of recent years.

The variety of options for magnificent wedding rings with diamonds is so great that the problem of the current suitors is only that.

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