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Precious Metal Fake – How to Learn to Recognize the Authenticity of Jewelry

Every year, the jewelers’ guild presents to the public not the most optimistic statistics – almost half (about 40%) of the jewelry on the market are of poor quality or completely fake. Gold and diamonds are most often forged, and it is becoming more and more difficult to determine their authenticity. Today, even reputable jewelry networks in Ukraine, as well as famous jewelry stores in Kiev, are not insured against fakes – every Ukrainian is at risk of buying the same wedding rings made of low-quality alloys if they do not know the basic rules and requirements for jewelry.

Fake gold products come in two forms:

gilded jewelry;
intertube – an alloy with insufficient gold content (up to 30%).
In the conditions of mass sale of products from noble metals (gold, silver, platinum) it is necessary to understand the basic concepts – samples, types of stamps. Understanding these basic elements, one can significantly reduce the risk of buying low-quality or completely fake products sold at the price of precious metals.

The choice of jewelry – what to look for
Sample and stigma – that is what you should initially pay attention to, wishing to purchase items made of metals such as gold, silver, platinum, etc. Generally accepted standards for stamps and samples are accepted at the state level. There are samples of Soviet and modern types of stamps, differing from each other in form:

gold is a stigma of a spatula; gold stamp
platinum – octahedron-shaped stamp; platinum stamp
silver is the stigma of the keg shape; silver stamp
palladium – the form of the bullet. palladium stamp
Note! In addition to checking the availability and reliability of the stigma, experts recommend subjecting the product to a thorough inspection. The wrong side of products, for example, wedding rings, as well as the face, must be absolutely flat, without the presence of any tiny inclusions, pores, scratches. Decoration must be carefully polished for proper presentation. Features stamps from different countries
Products from precious metals are branded with a special organization – the Assay Service. It is here that the compliance of jewelry made of precious metals in accordance with the standards adopted by the state is checked in detail. It is the Assay Service that controls the quality of the jewelry.

Imported stamp – on jewelry from foreign manufacturers next to the stamp of the country and the sample of metal (a sample of imported gold will be indicated in carats) must be stamped with the Assay Service, which will confirm that the specified sample complies with state standards. If it is not, it is better to refuse to buy such jewelry. Especially experts do not advise buying gold jewelry abroad – there is a big risk of buying products from low-grade alloy or gold-plated products of poor quality.

It is important to know: the carat gold sample is accompanied by a letter K accompanying which numbers are indicated (example: 14 carats is equivalent to 585 samples or 18 carats is 750 samples), while the KGP (karat gold plated) symbol indicates that the jewelry is simply gilded, i.e. it is covered with carat gold.
The Ukrainian stamp is presented in the form of an image of a chestnut leaf or a trident (state emblem). Ukrainian gold, in particular, factory products, enjoys an excellent reputation – on the shelves are very rare fake Ukrainian gold. Therefore, buying jewelry in Kiev, you can focus on the Ukrainian mass producer.

The Russian stamp is an image of a girl in a kokoshnik, to the right of which there is a digital identification of the sample, and to the left is the letter designation of the inspection that conducted the quality control of the product. An important detail is that the Russian stamp must be distinct and must be located parallel to the product in the place where it is full. The sample numbers must be clearly readable. If you see full compliance with these standards – you have a quality product. However, these rules do not apply to the nominal set by the manufacturer of the jewelry. If you see the mark of the Assay Chamber along with the manufacturer’s name plate on the product, you can be sure of its quality.

Soviet test 583 Pay attention! The 583 test, which took place in the USSR, is sometimes found in modern stores. It is believed that such jewelry can be bought with confidence – they allegedly went on sale from old reserves and were made in the USSR, where fakes of gold were extremely rare. However, there is a perception that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, territorial assay authorities kept tools for marking products, which can now be used to manufacture fake jewelry. Therefore, it is impossible to trust the 583 test with an absolute probability. Exceptions to the rules
As you know, there is an exception to every rule, therefore the presence of a stigma according to all the standards listed above is not a guarantee of quality.

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