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Engagement ring: where to wear and when to shoot

Love, romance and dreams of sharing a happy future … Is there anything in this world that would be more beautiful than life-long love? Undoubtedly, every girl secretly dreams of getting the coveted ring from a loved one.

By the way, do you know which finger to wear the engagement ring? We suggest finding out the answer to this question, so that even before engagement you could accurately choose the size of the ring with the “right” finger.

What finger wear the engagement ring?
To begin with, only girls wear the engagement ring – men never do this, because, unlike wedding rings, the engagement ring is not paired. His boyfriend gives his beloved, thereby informing her of his desire to marry her.

If the girl agrees, then the guy puts the ring on the ring finger of the right hand of his chosen one. According to tradition, the bride should not remove such a ring before the wedding itself, because it is a symbol of the fact that her heart is not free.

If the engagement occurred in secret from everyone and the lovers are in no hurry to inform everyone around her, the girl can wear the engagement ring on the chain as a pendant. Thus, it does not violate the tradition, because it formally wears a ring, even if not on the finger, but at the same time does not inform the general public that it is already engaged. Many modern girls generally prefer this option, considering that the ring is always closer to the heart.
On the wedding day the engagement ring on the finger of his happy owner is removed and changed to a wedding ring. And after the bride becomes a wife, she can wear an engagement ring with the wedding or on any hand and / or finger.

The only thing on the territory of post-Soviet countries (to which our country also belongs) is often to meet widows and divorced women, who, unfortunately, are not an example of a happy family life. They either do not wear wedding rings at all, or disguise them on their left hand.

So we would recommend to avoid wearing your engagement ring on the ring finger of your left hand. But, again, there are no specific restrictions, myths or prohibitions related to this issue, so the choice is yours.

Excellent Engagement Ring
Interesting facts about the engagement rings
It is noteworthy that the presence of a girl’s engagement ring is not always a guarantee of a quick wedding. In the post-Soviet countries, from engagement to the wedding takes about six months, and, for example, in the United States and Canada – at least one or two years.

As you can see, from the moment of engagement, not so little time passes. Sometimes it’s enough to change your mind about getting married and / or getting married. The sad fact is that there are times when the beloved break up, never having time to walk to the marriage altar. If this happens through the fault of the girl, she (according to tradition) should give the former lover a ring. If the initiator of the separation was the guy, then the ring remains with his failed bride.

There is a myth: to lose an engagement ring is to lose the man who gave it. If this happens, then you need to go to church and ask the Lord God for help and strength to preserve your relationship.

Even if your other half never told you about it, she still dreams of a surprise and a fairy tale that only YOU can give her. So, please your beloved with a real holiday, by presenting her as a symbol of your engagement ring as a sign of your light feelings!

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