Jewelery in history
The beginning of the history of jewelry art coincides with the birth of humanity. Even the first people put on jewelry to emphasize their own individuality, social status, well-being and…

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Ring with pomegranate: a symbol of love, amulet and healer
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Brief history of diamonds
The main decoration of a luxurious wedding ring, before becoming the subject of enthusiasm and admiration, passes a long and complex path from a diamond crystal to a diamond -…

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4 reasons to buy a white gold wedding ring

The first white gold jewelery appeared in the 1920s as an alternative to expensive platinum jewelery. Today they have become so popular that they provide up to 50% of the total sales of jewelry. The wave of increased demand for wedding rings made of this metal, which rose in 2010, still does not fall.

Want to find out why brides choose white gold wedding bands?

The white color of the wedding ring is always in fashion.
Each season, designers present new color palettes, and only white every year remains unrivaled. He then plays the role of a small but important accent, then becomes the main shade, the background for bright color details. So if you buy a white gold wedding ring, it will always fit into fashion trends with ease.

When choosing a wedding dress, pay attention to the compatibility of the color of the decorative elements and the wedding ring. Pearl beads, silver sequins, transparent crystals and silver embroidery are suitable decor options. Fabric – only snow white, without cream or beige.

White color is:

airiness and lightness of the image;
calm and stylish aesthetics without pomp;
a symbol of purity, trust and tenderness;
protection from stress and irritation;
fresh appearance;
positive emotions of others.
In the spring and summer of 2018, white is one of the top favorites. Almost every collection includes a basic white dress that will look perfect along with a white gold engagement ring. And do not forget about the most important outfit – the dress of the bride!
Pure color inserts in the wedding ring
Are you dreaming to buy a wedding ring with precious stones? If you want to avoid a visual change in the color of the stone, choose a frame made of white gold. Unlike yellow and red, it does not give an insert an undesirable shade.

Stones suitable for a white gold wedding ring:

cubic zirconias are colorless and of all cold tones;
blue and blue topaz;
blue spinel;
The latter are most often used as an insert in a wedding ring. White gold allows you to demonstrate the perfect characteristics of the diamond and emphasize its noble icy shine. However, for stones with a yellowish tinge, it is better to choose jewelery made of yellow or rose gold, which will hide this disadvantage.

High strength wedding ring
White gold, albeit only slightly, is stronger than yellow or pink. It’s all about metal. You already know that jewelers do not make jewelry of pure gold, because it is too soft and does not hold its shape well. To increase the hardness add a ligature to it. The final strength characteristics of the products depend on the metals that enter it.

It is necessary to distinguish wedding rings made of white gold and gold with rhodium plating. The latter are characterized by a more pronounced brilliance and a pure white shade. Brinell rhodium hardness is 101. Even with a layer thickness of up to 1 micron, it reliably protects jewelry from scratches.

The hardness of metals, that is, their resistance to the destruction of the surface layer under the influence of strong pressure, is most often measured according to Brinell. This indicator is:

for pure gold – 20 HB;
for copper – 40 HB;
for silver – 26 HB;
for platinum – 50 HB;
for palladium – 52 HB.
In pink gold, 585 samples contain 32.5% copper and 9% silver, in yellow gold – 18.75% silver and 22.75% copper, in white – 23.7% silver and 18% palladium. Despite the smaller, compared to copper, the amount of palladium, the hardness of white gold is higher than yellow or pink.
White gold wedding ring – for any style
White refers to neutral shades, making it the perfect partner for an outfit in your favorite style.

Business. A dark suit and a white blouse are a classic combination that will be perfectly complemented by a white gold wedding ring.
Romantic. The restrained decoration will be another coin in the piggy bank of the most feminine image.
Eclectic. Like to mix things of different colors and textures? The white ring is a versatile accessory that can be included in any kit.
Natural. Maximum naturalness, simple clothing and a concise ring – the best bow for every day.
Glamorous Bright metallic luster – what could be better for a girl who prefers extravagant things?
Take advantage of discreet elegance – buy wedding rings made of white gold and wear them with anything and anytime!

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