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Earrings – highlight any image

Women’s fantasy knows no bounds. The fair sex in their heads intertwined millions of ideas: from what to cook for dinner, ending with how to make this world a better place. But the undisputed leader in the hit parade of women’s thoughts is the eternal question: “What to wear?” And how to make yourself even more beautiful?

And only one choice of outfits can not do. Jewelry plays a big role in creating a harmonious image. Gold chains, earrings, bracelets, rings and brooches can complement both daily and festive look. Properly selected accessories work wonders. That is why it is so important for a woman to have in her arsenal not just one piece of jewelry, but an entire collection.

Golden earrings are an integral part of the jewelry collection
Earrings, perhaps, can be safely attributed to the basic jewelry. They are not always visible under the shock of luxurious hair, but as soon as a lady straightens her curls, tiny shiny figures immediately attract attention.

Choosing this decoration, it is important to listen to your inner feelings. If you are planning to wear earrings without removing them for several months, you should prefer more versatile jewelry. Well, if you like to pick up accessories for each image, then you can afford and dream up, diversifying the collection with colored stones and fancy shapes.

What fastener to choose?
The convenience of earrings depends primarily on the fastener. There are 9 main types of fasteners, each of which has its own characteristics.

Stud earrings

They are universal and democratic. This is a perfect everyday accessory. Thanks to the adjustable clasp, this decoration can be “adapted” to any width of the earlobe.

Pin stud earrings are a stud with a recess that is needed to fix the clip. In screw stud earrings, fixation occurs due to the thread on which the clip is screwed.

Despite the apparent simplicity, gold stud earrings with diamonds always look advantageous and speak about the delicate taste of its owner.

Earrings with English clasp

An important advantage of this jewelry is the reliability of the fastener itself, which also blends in seamlessly with the design of the jewelry. Earrings with an English lock can be either made of pure metal or supplemented with colorful stone inserts or massive pendants. Fortunately, such a clasp allows you to make jewelry large and quite heavy without the risk of losing them.

French Lock Earrings

The French castle, due to its lightness and simplicity, is widely used in children’s decorations. He does not cause the slightest discomfort to his young mistress.

These earrings are simple and comfortable. The French castle is a combination of hook and loop. In jewelry, it is often combined with inserts of stones, figurines of flowers and other small decorative elements.

Earrings with Italian lock

The Italian clasp is equipped with a spring that allows you to perfectly fix the jewelry on the earlobe. Italian lock is similar to the clip. The only difference is the presence of a locking pin, which is threaded into a round clasp.

Earrings with loop clasp

Easy to remove and put on. The loop-fastener does not visually overload the accessory. All the attention of others will be focused on the main part of the product, which is often a suspension.

Studded Earrings

Equipped with a moving handle with a small hook at the end. This hook is fixed in a special recess on the other side of the earring. Clasp-clip is widely used in massive products, mostly round.

Earrings rings

Contain a lock “pin” or lock “congo”. In both cases, secure fixation of the jewelry is provided.

Hoop earrings will never go unnoticed. Such jewelry can be smooth or strewn with stones. Sometimes they are supplemented with small pendants made of gold.

Broach earrings

In fact, they do not have clasps at all. They are a long chain that contains a decorative element at one end. Such earrings simply reach into the hole in the lobe.

Cuff Earrings

Each such earring is equipped with two clasps: one is fixed on the ear lobe, and the second – in the “curl” area (upper part of the auricle). Between themselves, these clasps are connected by chains or other patterned elements.

Cuff earrings are a jewel for bright and extravagant ladies

Earrings geometry, or what shape will fit your face type
Oval face

Owners of this type of person fit any form of earrings. But oval or teardrop-shaped accessories will look especially advantageous.

Round face

Elongated earrings will help to make a round face more elegant. But the big round discs can visually expand the face.

Square face shape

This face shape blends in well with round earrings. A great option – hoop earrings.

Narrow face

Owners of a narrow face should pay attention to the round, square, drop-shaped gold earrings, stud earrings.

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