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Wedding rings 2018 – for fashionable brides and grooms

The Chinese horoscope promises lovers, who played the wedding in 2018, many heartfelt and happy family evenings. The dog is a loyal and devoted animal, and the union made under its protection promises to be long and comfortable.

If you have planned a wedding for 2018, it is time to pick up wedding rings. This process is long and difficult, because it is important that the groom and the bride equally like the jewelry. Become the most fashionable couple – buy trendy gold wedding rings that will look great in wedding photos and in everyday life.

Rose Gold Wedding Rings
Rose gold regained lost positions. Demand for it began to increase in 2015 after the release of the Apple iPhone 6s in the case of the same color and texture. And if a girl buys a pink iPhone, the decorations should match him.

For beautiful photos with wedding rings, use the macro lens and adjust the focus manually. You can create an unusual lighting, come up with an original background or a creative perspective – turn on the fantasy!

According to statistics from the English company The Fine Jewelery, sales of rose gold jewelry in Europe over the past two years have more than quadrupled. So this trend can safely be considered long-term.

Rose gold wedding rings are gorgeous in three styles:

Classic. The gentle radiance of the traditional smooth rings is able to enchant at first sight.
Romanticism. Soft lines and lace patterns in wedding rings – it is impossible to resist.
Futurism. The unusual shape of the jewelry – angular-cubic or flowing – attracts those who like to stand out.
Wedding rings with colored stones
The founder of Lugano Diamonds, Moti Ferder, explains the increased interest in wedding rings with colored inserts by the fact that celebrities began to wear them. Mila Jovovich – the owner of a luxurious jewelry with pink and yellow diamonds. Jessica Simpson took the ring with a ruby ​​along with the proposal of the hand and heart, and Penelope Cruz – with a sapphire.

Dazzling rings with their hostesses every day flash in the media, which only increases the popularity of the trend.

For incrustation of wedding rings jewelers use:

colored cubic zirconias;
topaz – yellow or blue;
corundum – sapphires and rubies;
fancy diamonds – bright colors and black.
By the way, they are perfectly combined with pink gold, forming expressive combinations.

Since the decorations should support the overall image, consider whether you are ready every time when buying clothes to check how harmonious the wedding decoration is with the new outfit. If you have not yet decided on the basic shades of your wardrobe, choose more versatile wedding rings with transparent inserts.

Asymmetry in wedding rings
In the fashion collections of spring-summer 2018, presented at the autumn exhibition in Paris, a lot of frankly asymmetrical jewelry was shown: necklace and earrings. Why not buy wedding rings that embody the same idea?

For the bride, you can pick up asymmetrical pearl earrings – a symbol of purity. A small earring with one pearl in one ear, and a long multi-row pendant in the other. In this case, you can do without a necklace – all attention will be riveted to the earrings

Pay attention to the models in which:

inserts are not located in a smooth path, but as if randomly scattered across the surface;
precious stones are laid out diagonally, and in the center the line is “interrupted” by a larger stone;
used two inserts of different sizes.
Interlaced Wedding Rings
These jewels are close in their idea to asymmetrical rings. They seem to be assembled from several rings, each of which has its own texture. Glossy surfaces combined with matte, diamond face with pavé, wide elements with narrow ones.

An example of the original trend is the updated Quatre collection from Boucheron, in the rings of which not only different textures are combined, but also gold of different shades. The concept is supported by young jewelry brands. For example, Julien Riad Sahyoun at Couture in Las Vegas presented unusual ring textures in which the game of shades of metal is emphasized by brown and white diamonds.

The Jewelry Card Shop follows events in the world of jewelry fashion and includes wedding rings in its range that will become your pride. Good shopping and a happy family life!

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